Our Services
  1. Credit Policy
    We work with you to deliver a Credit Policy that specifically dovetails to your Bank’s Risk Appetite and product offerings. We combine industry best practices, detailed research on laws and regulations affecting lending practices, and competitive environment to create a document that expresses your Bank’s desired lending culture across all lending platforms.
  2. Predictive Analytics
    Predictive analytics are data driven conclusions which help you proactively address issues and formulate winning strategies. We help you use various data mining, statistical and machine learning techniques to increase opportunities like Cross-Sell, Up-Sell, Customer Retention and Segmentation, Application fraud, Default prediction, collections and liquidity planning.
  3. Product Strategy
    We will work with your Bank’s Senior Management team to review existing product lines to ensure they meet desired market share and profitability targets and facilitate next step strategies. We can also assist in the development of a consistent framework for exploring new product offerings and moving the process through approval by your Board of Directors.
  4. Model Development
    We can help you develop more robust risk rating models using data analytics and automate the process. We can build PD models that incorporate 'expert judgement' components in combination with performance data. Lgd models based on your historic experience coupled with industry data that creates a robust and accurate ALLL process.
  5. Process Design & Improvements
    Your Credit Policy provides guidance to lenders and staff on acceptable lending practices and is a critical resource. Without effective and efficient processes and procedures adhering to policy requirements is often burdensome and error ridden. We will partner with your staff to identify roadblocks to efficiency, eliminate redundancy, and improve communication between front and back-office staff. We will help you achieve faster processing times and reduce costly errors.
  6. DataMart Design and Setup
    High quality accurate data is essential to allow management to focus on key factors that dictate future performance. We integrate portfolio analytics, Board reporting and timely information availability within our solution…so you spend less time gathering data and more time tracking progress toward meeting strategic plan objectives. We will work with you to determine what data points are essential to your business and design a system to collect and disseminate that data.
  7. Corporate Governance
    Today’s banking environment places greater and greater responsibility on your Board of Directors to provide a framework for your business operations and oversight of those activities. We can assist you in documenting the Board’s role and responsibilities and coaching best practices to the Board.
  8. Credit Underwriting Training
    The cost of maintaining a full time training staff is sometimes prohibitive, yet the importance of well-trained and knowledgeable underwriters is critical to building and maintaining a quality loan portfolio. We can provide a comprehensive training program designed for entry level staff or training on specific product underwriting. Training is designed to be interactive and tailored to your Bank’s Credit Policy requirements as well as industry best practices.
  9. Technology Review and Design
    There are many third party vendors that offer technology designed to improve all aspects of your operations from sales management, underwriting workflow, collateral tracking, and cash management to name a few. We can provide you with an independent assessment of which systems are scalable to meet future needs, will work well with existing platforms, fit within your DataMart structure and most importantly will provide the most cost effective solution to your business need.